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about the teacher

JoAnna is a teacher and mindfulness instructor with an enthusiastic passion for both.


She graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in Science in Education in 2011.


Through her personal mindfulness journey she discovered that mindfulness is not just a tool.

It is a practice that opens an entire toolbox for well-being.


To name a few, focus, clarity, awareness of behavior, ability to navigate difficult emotions and handle stress, patience, tolerance, and a commitment to life. 


How great would it be to teach these concepts to children?

Mission Statement

Adventures in Mindfulness. Where Science and Philosophy meet.

My mission is to teach self awareness, self expression, how to deal with difficult emotions, how to reach goals, bolstering self confidence, and extending kindness to others through mindfulness education and practices.


I believe such education is essential in setting a platform for success and happiness in life.


What we choose to instill in ourselves and our children will not only set the stage for an amazingly positive life story; It will in turn, shape the lives of our future generations and the world in which we live. 

Volunteering is an integral part of what motivates us . We feel the call to help and we go where we are needed - this time, Uganda was the place to spread adventures in love, service and mindfulness.

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